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IAM Global Conference 2024 - Unlocking Value

Realizing value is at the heart of what asset management is all about.  The IAM Global Conference 2024 will feature presentations, case studies, and interactive sessions on the ways in which asset-owning and service-providing organizations are employing a variety of approaches and solutions to unlocking value for stakeholders including:

·       How digital innovation such as the use of building information modeling, digital twins, and artificial intelligence is transforming how value is realized

·       Where decision support capability such as investment prioritization is enabling a balanced range of outcomes

·       The power of organizational transformation including strategy, leadership, culture, performance improvement and people capability in unlocking value

·       How innovations focusing on outcomes are reimagining the way the value is realized such as circular economy and servitisation

·       How engaging with the right partners to build close, trusting and long-term partnerships is key to maximizing value

·       Showcasing industry best practice where the value for stakeholders has been unlocked

·       Demonstrating the impact of providing services to asset-owning organizations


Call for Speakers

Speakers will be selected through a call for speakers with a selection panel ensuring we present a diverse range of views, thought leadership, and best practice creating a unique learning and sharing experience for delegates.

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Submit your Abstract


The submission deadline is Monday 19 April 2024

Presentation Formats



Education Session  

Education sessions may be delivered by a single speaker or a small panel. The content includes best practices, how-to’s, case studies, insightful stories, emerging trends and technologies, new perspectives, etc.   

Discussion or Panel Session   

This type of presentation is a longer education session. It can be a simple discussion from different perspectives. It could use a debate format to inform the audience about different ways to approach an asset management project, issue, or challenge. It could also use a Point-Counter-Point with the panel taking turns listing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. A moderator might start things off with a short presentation. 

Work in Progress  

Asset management is a journey, and much of what we want to discuss is really a 'work in progress'. The trick is to describe where you are coming from and where you (think/hope) that you are going in a way that engages others on a similar journey. 


Provide a high-quality, interactive, and practical experience to develop participants’ knowledge and skills in a specific area. The workshop format is for topics that need a deeper dive than a shorter timeframe can provide. They usually delve into a particular concept or teach a specific skill. They may include demonstrations or provide exercises so that participants may practice what they are learning, but it should not be a commercial pitch or endorsement.


Review criteria

 All submissions must be entered into the online form. You may submit proposals for multiple sessions. You will be able to save and return to your proposal form until the deadline: 19 February 2024. All submissions are reviewed and evaluated by the Program Review Committee. The evaluation process is competitive. Your success in the selection process depends on how well your proposal supports these primary criteria:   

  • Practical application – Information can be used in day-to-day work settings, lessons learned, how-to-do-it strategies, innovative concepts and approaches, and solutions that provide improvements in asset management.  

  • Relevance and clarity - Content is interesting and useful to a significant number of expected attendees. Learning objectives are clearly stated using active verbs that indicate how the participants will benefit from the information presented. Content must be relevant to the conference topic, 'why outcomes matter'.

  • Balance - The Program Review Committee will also review for balance to ensure that all tracks are adequately covered in the overall education program, that any one topic area is not overrepresented, and that any one speaker or organization is not disproportionately represented among the final selections.  

No sales pitches, please! 

Direct promotion of a speaker’s/company’s products, services, or monetary self-interest is not appropriate. The audience appreciates learning about technologies, services, concepts, and new approaches; but is sensitive to the sales promotion approach. For this reason, an end user or asset owner must be included and featured in any proposal submitted by vendors or consultants.

Attending the Conference

These virtual IAM Global Conference events on 23 April, 25 April, 17 September and 19 September are free to all individual paying IAM members who will be automatically registered for the event, so there is no need for members to book.

There will be a charge for the In Person One Day Event on 13 June.  Every effort has been made to make the charge as low as possible. You will need to register and pay for this event.  We do have an Early Bird availiable unit 12 April 2024


Please follow this link to discover more about our upcoming conferences and to book your place at the In-Person conference