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Asset Management Professionals

What is the register of Professionals?

Asset Management as a profession continues to grow internationally and although many have been working in this field for many years, they have often seen themselves as a professional in another discipline; typically engineering, design, strategy, finance, operations or many others.  For these people, as their experience broadens and deepens, they bring all their learning together and look beyond just managing, building, maintaining or operating assets, for example, and enter the broad world of asset management.

Formal recognition of this achievement is now possible, not just through being associated with Asset Management as a recognised profession, but by personally being recognised as an Asset Management Professional.

Over the past couple of years, through engagement with many organisations and people across the profession, the IAM has developed the criteria required for testing and being awarded the status of Asset Management Professional and set up a register to record such achievement.

The register for Asset Management Professionals now provides that global recognition for your professional identity and capability.  Achieving acceptance on to the register assures others of your Asset Management competence in both breadth and depth as defined by the IAM Competences Framework.

What are the criteria?

Applicants to the register are required to meet three core criteria – these are:

  • Hold the IAM Diploma or equivalent qualifications and training
  • Be an Associate, Member or Fellow of the IAM or have an equivalent membership with another related professional body
  • Either a degree in a relevant subject PLUS at least two years’ experience as a leading practitioner OR no degree, but at least three years’ experience as a leading practitioner; with that experience spanning the breadth of the Key Roles as defined in the IAM Competences Framework.

Full details on these can be found in our Guidance for Applicants.

How much does it cost?


Application Fee*

Annual Retention Fee*

IAM Member



IAM Non-member



* UK VAT is applicable to the fees and normal international treatment will be applied as appropriate.

Register of Professionals